Poodle With A Mohawk

This poster graces my family room.  From Lynda Barry, 1982


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  • avatar richard says:

    I was here, Like the looks of new roof !

  • avatar stephanie prest says:

    just to let you know that because of the poodle with a mohawk i made bumper stickers that say HONK IF YOU HATE POODLES …

  • avatar julie sands says:

    I have been talking about this poster to my kids for years. I finally remembered to look it up. It was hanging in the Hard Rock at the old location on Van Ness. Thank you!

  • avatar Rob says:

    I also have one of these I purchased in Berkeley. Bought it after seeing one hanging in that Hippie Omelet place on Park Blvd. which I can not for the life of me remember the name of.

  • avatar Laurie says:

    It was at Mama’s Royal Cafe on Broadway in Oakland

  • avatar Demetria says:

    I HAD this poster on my bedroom wall when I was a teenager in the 80’s. My very cool Mom not only bought it for me but she had it mounted as well. It was lost in a fire years later, but I’d LOVE to have it again! My Mom’s gone now, the poster’s gone, but I can have the poster back

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