Poodle With A Mohawk

This poster graces my family room.  From Lynda Barry, 1982


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  • avatar richard says:

    I was here, Like the looks of new roof !

  • avatar stephanie prest says:

    just to let you know that because of the poodle with a mohawk i made bumper stickers that say HONK IF YOU HATE POODLES …

  • avatar julie sands says:

    I have been talking about this poster to my kids for years. I finally remembered to look it up. It was hanging in the Hard Rock at the old location on Van Ness. Thank you!

  • avatar Rob says:

    I also have one of these I purchased in Berkeley. Bought it after seeing one hanging in that Hippie Omelet place on Park Blvd. which I can not for the life of me remember the name of.

  • avatar Laurie says:

    It was at Mama’s Royal Cafe on Broadway in Oakland

  • avatar Demetria says:

    I HAD this poster on my bedroom wall when I was a teenager in the 80’s. My very cool Mom not only bought it for me but she had it mounted as well. It was lost in a fire years later, but I’d LOVE to have it again! My Mom’s gone now, the poster’s gone, but I can have the poster back

  • avatar Realist says:

    An ex-GF of mine gave me an original “PWM” poster back in ’91.

    Fast forward to August 2015, and I’d just moved into my new home (fourth since last seeing “PWM” print in 98)and was just about to throw away a large art portfolio carry case and thought to see what was in it.

    Viola’, there’s my original “PWM” still in it’s plastic frame safe and sound. Happy Days!!!

  • avatar Frances says:

    I never had the poster, but I had a hot pink t-shirt that I worse so often that it fell apart. Still love Lynda Barry!

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