Welcome to the New Look

avatarWelcome to our new look.

Seeing as I was getting some flack for not updating the old site for quite a while, I figured this would be a good time to switch to an entirely new format.

If you miss the old site, you can still visit it at: http://rickg.org/oldsite.

In the meanwhile, I will fine tune this a bit and then get some content going.

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  • avatar Shirley says:

    Cute photos. How can you tell the two apart at first glance?
    (besides personality, I mean).

  • avatar Abe says:

    They do look like twins…Nice home Rick.

  • avatar rickg says:

    They are sisters from the same parents but different litters. One is twice as large as the other and has a smooth face. The large one (Ruffles) is nicer. The smaller one (Shalimar) is smarter.

  • avatar sohyon says:

    i have already checked your up-to-date site. yes, it was about time you changed the content of the site. the girlz are adorable. nice roof, too. certainly keep their name in mind when i change mine. i am feeling a bit better. thanks for your support.

  • avatar Danny Lane says:


    Nice ‘site. Susan Boyle was robbed.


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